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Mineriad (Romanian: Mineriadă) is the term used to name any of the successive interventions of miners in Bucharest during the period of January 1990 to February 1999 in the post-1989 Romanian Revolution. These interventions were generally seen as aimed at wrestling policy changes or simply material advantages from the current political power. Jiu Valley coal miners had staged political protests before, from the Lupeni Strike of 1929 to the Jiu Valley miners’ strike of 1977, and minor protests after 1999. For more detail, resource documents, and photo and video archives, please refer to the following:



◼  1990 January Mineriada

Mineriada—1990 Ianuarie
5 videos
Iliescu aduce minerii in Bucuresti in frunte cu Miron Cozma! Mineriada 28-29 ianuarie 1990 !
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Published at 2014, November 08
Prima mineriada: 28-29 ianuarie 1990
*Minerii vin pentru prima data la Bucuresti, in urma apelului l
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◼  1990 June Mineriada

Mineriada—1990 Iuni
28 videos
Mineriada 14 15 iunie 1990 filmari furate de la S R I
Published at 2018, August 25
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◼  1991 September Mineriada

Mineriada—1991 Sept
5 videos
Mineriadele din 1990 si septembrie 1991 (documentar) Navetistii Huilei
Published at 2019, October 06
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◼  1999 January Mineriada

Mineriada—1999 Ianuarie
4 videos
Mineriada din ianuarie 1999
Published at 2019, September 11
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15 ani de la mineriada din ianuarie 1999

Matinal (Petrosani)

◼  1999 February Mineriada

Mineriada—1999 Februarie
6 videos
Dosar România: 32 de pisici - documentar despre Mineriada din 1999 (@TVR1)
Published at 2018, November 05
Ediţia emisiunii Dosar România, difuzată luni, 5 noiembrie, la TVR1, când Carmen Kleibel şi ech
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